Curriculum: Level1

  1. The online streamable version of the Level 1 program consists of a total of 16 classes divided into
    a. 12 LIVE Classes by Dr. Gaurav Deka
    b. 4 Recorded Lecture Classes on the 4 unconscious themes by Dr. Gaurav Deka

  2. The duration of each class will be 2.5 hours to 3 hours.

  3. Recordings of the classes will be available for one year from the date of purchase

  4. Level 1 Practitioner Certificates will be issued to people upon submission of relevant case studies and assignments.

Class One 

  1. Foundations of Family Constellation and Family Trauma.

  2. How Trauma Travels from one generation to the other.

  3. How do we begin to observe and identify these traumas.

  4. The genetic pathway by which family trauma lives in our bodies.

  5. Orders of Love and an introduction to Bert Hellinger’s work.

  6. What is a system? What is the family soul? What is the knowing field?

  7. How individual problems of depression, anxiety or finances never belong to the individual but to the whole family?

  8. Introduction to Systemic Laws and Orders.

  9. Case Studies and stories of Intergenerational Trauma.

  10. Body and Breath Awareness of Intergenerational Trauma.

Class Two 

  1. The Method of Family Constellation

  2. How to start representing in a Constellation

  3. How we carry the fates of others in our families

  4. The Therapeutic Effect of a Constellation

  5. Learning to make pictorial Family Trees

  6. Introduction to decoding family traumas by drawing a family tree

  7. Advanced understanding of epigenetic

  8. Entanglements and Following

  9. Suicides, Addiction and Terminal Illness

  10. Limits of Family Constellation

Class Three 

  1. What is Systemic Medicine.

  2. How to use the body to exercise Systemic Medicine.

  3. Regression Therapy based methods in Family Constellation Therapy.

  4. Breath Work based Methods in Family Constellation Therapy.

  5. Art Based Methods in Family Constellation Therapy.

  6. Mindfulness Based Methods in Family Constellation Therapy.

Class Four 

  1. The truth behind unconscious loyalties and how it works

  2. Are we loyal when we enter a divorce? Invite an illness? Have a financial crisis?

  3. How to have a dialogue with ancestors.

  4. How to bring relief to ourself by accepting the difficult fates of our ancestors.

  5. Using images to visualize the ancestors and speaking to them.

  6. Family Constellation Group Demo and step by Step Breakdown. 

  7. The art of forming your own dialogues and healing statements 

  8. The art of healing your own family trauma by yourself.

Class Five 

  1. The Wound we have with our Mother

  2. A Case Study of Rejection in Romantic Relationships

  3. How we often end up rejecting a parent of ours

  4. How mother and father wounds travel down to us

  5. The blind unconscious love of a child

  6. A case of dyslexia and unconscious guilt

  7. A case of gastritis and intergenerational voices

  8. How our traumas are often hidden in our worst fears

Class Six

  1. A child can do anything for you

  2. What are Heavy Fates

  3. Orders and Types of Heavy Fate

  4. Looking Deeper into the Family System

  5. Looking Deeper into Entanglements

  6. Causes of Entanglements

  7. What is Parentification?

  8. How we follow the dead

  9. Ancestral Healing Demo

Class Seven 

  1. Forms and Structures of Family Constellation

  2. The importance of Ancestral Rituals

  3. Amalgamating Rituals into Body Based Practices

  4. The emotional landscape during a constellation

  5. The Therapeutic Attitude 

  6. Postures in Constellation

  7. Understanding Movement of Energy in a Constellation

  8. Effective Resolution and Practices

Class Eight

  1. How we break our connection with Mother

  2. Interruption in receiving her Love

  3. How that effects a system and later generations

  4. The Father Wound and its effects

  5. Becoming a Child Once again

  6. How boundaries and their lack affect a family

  7. How to do a one on one constellation
    a. Using a single representative
    b. Using paper markers
    c. Using different Models

  8. How to work with Collective Trauma

Class Nine 

  1. Diving deep into Family Tree

  2. Working directly with Trauma

  3. Kinds of Memory

  4. Symptoms of Attachment Trauma

  5. Symptoms of Intergenerational Trauma

  6. The Neurophysiology of Healing

  7. Resources and Techniques of Healing

Class Ten

  1. Advanced Methods and Techniques of Healing

  2. Locating deeper entanglements in the Family Tree

  3. Breakout Rooms for drawing their own Family Trees

  4. Rituals of Healing and Inner Work

  5. Case Studies Discussion

  6. Family Constellation Demonstration

Class Eleven

  1. Drawing the Family Tree

  2. Locating the Attachment Wounds

  3. Finding them in the body

  4. Doing the Inner Child Work

  5. Locating the Intergenerational Wounds

  6. Finding them in the body

  7. Healing by using Imagery and Constellation

  8. Structure of a session with a client 

  9. Duties and Attitude of a Therapist

Class Twelve 

  1. Bringing it all together

  2. Using Voices + Dialogues 

  3. Imageries to set up a constellation

  4. Epigenetic Psychoeducation to a client

  5. Systemic Coaching

  6. Dissection of a constellation

  7. Anatomy of Healing

  8. Bringing your Family Picture together

  9. Final Integration and Practices

*Class Recordings

Recordings of the class shall be available for one year from the purchase date

**Four Recorded Classes by Dr. Gaurav Deka

Four Unconscious Themes around Intergenerational Family Trauma will be emailed to all the participants along with other recordings and handouts.