International Intergenerational Trauma Healers’ Training 

Offline In - Person Training

Dates: 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th July and 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st July 2022.


“I will bring you the most remarkable set of tools, processes, and methodologies that will change your entire healing practice around the area of intergenerational, childhood, and attachment trauma. This form of profound healing method is called the Deka Method© and you will be trained in it in the most superlative advanced training called International Intergenerational Trauma Healers’ Training.”
— Dr. Gaurav Deka.

Are you a healer who works with childhood and intergenerational trauma? Or maybe a Family Constellation therapist? Perhaps, you are a Regression Therapist or an Energy Healer who works with the ancestral patterns and the inherited family traumas of your clients? You could even be one of our graduates of the Family Constellation program or the Systemic Medicine Course.

Do you want to take your training, therapeutic skills, and practice to the next level?

Would you want to work with clients and patients with complex intergenerational and attachment issues and resolve them with deep healing in a short span of time?


Now that we are officially in Post Covid, would you be interested to take in-person clients and working with them, to resolve their issues in a single day over 3 hours? Working with their family field, somatic experiences, reaching their trauma by the physical body and breath-work, and a unique 1:1 constellation method all combined.


Would you want to learn the most advanced trauma healing technique and have clients pay you over a $1000 USD for the superlative experience you’d offer them?


If your answer is a resounding YES, then the Deka Method© is tailor-made just for you!

Who is this training for?

You can take this training and will be certified if you fulfill any one of the following



  1. You are an alumnus of The Systemic Medicine Course (TSM) Level 01, 2022.

  2. You are an alumnus of The Family Constellation Online Training Program delivered by Dr. Gaurav Deka and Cognial Healers’ Academy in 2021 or 2020.

  3. You are trained in Family Constellation from any other Facilitator in the world (proof of training or online interview mandatory).

  4. You are a Regression Therapist who uses Ancestral Healing in their practice (Online Interview Mandatory).

  5. You are an Inner Child Therapist or Healer having the background knowledge in Ancestral Healing or Family Trauma (Online Interview Mandatory).

  6. You are a trauma informed healer having the background knowledge and skills in Ancestral Healing Practices, Family Constellation or Intergenerational Trauma (Online Interview Mandatory).


*Students covered under points 3, 4, 5 and 6 will have to undergo a mandatory interview process with a team of therapists trained by Dr. Gaurav Deka. The interviews will be scheduled after they have registered for the program and will go through an orientation online program post their interviews.


**Students who would like to take IITHT and learn the Deka Method© but have no background in ancestral healing, intergenerational trauma or family constellation will have to purchase the recordings of The Systemic Medicine Course Level 01 and complete the video training before enrolling for IITHT.


Limited Seats for 20 people only.

In this program you will learn:

  1. Dr. Gaurav Deka’s signature trauma healing method called the Deka Method© in the realm of intergenerational and attachment trauma that he uses with all his clients successfully worldwide.

  2. The secrets of Dr. Gaurav Deka’s hugely popular Intergenerational Healing Workshop called The Secret Language of Love. And will be certified to conduct it across the globe.

  3. The dissections and resolutions to the most complex set of genograms that Dr. Deka will bring to you from his own set of case studies. And equip you to resolve intergenerational trauma on paper to as far as 7th generation.

  4. Step by Step Breakdown of the structure of a three hour in person session with a client exactly how Dr. Gaurav Deka does in his in-person trauma healing sessions using the Deka Method ©

  5. How to do a 1:1 day long 4.5 hour deep trauma healing method (priced over 2000 USD) with Clients willing to travel and spend a day with their healer.

  6. One of the days in the training is fully dedicated to the business of being a Intergenerational Coach trained in the Deka Method© where Dr. Gaurav Deka will exclusively cover the pricing of his method and how to quote, consult and market your premium services as a healer.



Caveat: Dr. Gaurav Deka does not allow any of his students trained in the Deka Method© to charge anything below $740 USD (~INR 55,500) per session because he believes not only in the power of his training but also in the ability and expertise of every student who walks into his training.

Day Wise Curriculum

Day 01 - 21st July

Complex Genograms and how to resolve them.


Day 02 - 22nd July

Healing Methodologies to navigate the traumagrams using somatic anchors.


Day 03 - 23rd July

Breakdown demos of a three hour long session using genograms and body work.


Day 04 - 24th July

Combining Systemic and Family Constellation with genograms & body work.


Day 05 - 28th July

Structure of the Deka Method as a 4.5 hour long process for 1:1 clients.


Day 06 - 29th July

Structure of the Secret Language of Love Workshop Training Part 01.


Day 07 - 30th July

Structure of the Secret Language of Love Workshop Training Part 02.


Day 08 - 31st July

The Business of being a Trauma Informed Intergenerational Coach.


Super Early Bird

INR 5,55,000

(Five Lakhs fifty five thousand only)
April 1st to 30th.

Early Bird

INR 5,75,000

(Five Lakhs seventy five thousand only)
May 1st to 31st.


INR 6,00,000

(Six Lakhs only)

June 1st to 15th July.