Curriculum: Level 2

# The Level 2 program consists a total of 18 classes divided into 
   a. 12 LIVE Classes by Dr. Gaurav Deka
   b. 4 Guest Lectures on Intergenerational and Systemic          Trauma by Trauma Experts 
   c. 2 Extra Lectures on Healing Sexual Abuse with Systemic  Medicine
# The total duration of the course is 3 months.
# All LIVE Classes by Dr. Gaurav Deka will happen on Fridays starting 7th of October 2022 (excluding Excluding the Guest Lectures).
# The duration of each class will be 2.5 hours to 3 hours.
Timings of the classes: 17:00 hours to 20:00 hours Indian Standard Time (IST)
# Recordings of the classes will be provided and will be available with the participants for a duration of one year after the end of the program.
# Level II Practitioner Certificates will be issued to people upon submission of relevant case studies and assignments.

Class One | 7th October 2022

Abortion and its intergenerational effects.

Murder and Manslaughter | Victim Perpetrator Systemic Bonds

The Vanishing Twin Syndrome

Family Members with a disability


Family Secrets

Interrupted Outreach Movement 

Completion of the Interrupted Reaching Out Movement

Class Two | 14th October 2022

Relationship Constellation versus Relationship Counseling.
What is required for the Flow of Love.
Men and Women are Complementary.
Sexuality, Love and bonds that remain.
Abuse, Incest and Consent.
Why are previous partners important.
The case of the cold wife.

Class Three | 21st October 2022

Relationships and Abortions.
Results of Abortion.
Truths behind infidelity and extra marital affairs.
Effects of Late Abortion and Psychosis.
Giving and Taking in Relationships.
Working with Hurt and Pain in Relationships.
What kind of Love can we ask from a Partner.
A comparative study between Infidelity and Lack of Commitment.
Daddy’s Girl, Mama’s Boy and Adult Relationships.

Class Four | 28th October 2022

Woman follows a man?
The Double Shift (key feature of relationship constellations).
Examples and analysis of Double Shifts.
The Parental Relationship has precedence over children.
Divorce - impact on couples and children
Case Studies of Divorce through the systemic lens.
To know - When do people seek help in divorce?
Relationships and Children.

Class Five | 4th November 2022

The case of three binge eating children.
Step Parents | Presence and Absence.
Homosexuality in Systems.
Experimental Relationships (Menage a Trois)
Adoption - Two Main Disturbances.
Points of Hierarchy in Adoption.
Artificial Insemination and Sperm/Ova Donation.
Can we save a relationship with Family Constellation?

Class Six | 11th November 2022

Diseases and Ailments in Constellations.
Hellinger’s work with Addiction and Suicide.
Medicine and Constellation Work.
How to constellate in diseases.
Clarifying statements in Illnesses.
Resolving statements in Illnesses.
Anorexia Nervosa and Systemic solution.
Bulimia and Systemic solution.

Class Seven | 18th November 2022

Guiding Principles in Disease Constellation.
Asthma in Family Constellation.
Cancer in Family Constellation.
Eye Diseases in Family Constellation.
Diarrhea, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia.
Alzheimer's, GIT, Autism.
Our loyalties to our illnesses.
Models of Constellations for Diseases.

Class Eight | 25th November 2022

Addiction in Family Constellations.
Four Different Types of Traumas by Dr. Franz Rupert.
Existential Trauma.
Loss Trauma.
Bonding Trauma.
Bonding System Trauma.

Class Nine | 2nd December 2022

Crohn’s Disease | IBD
Skin Cancer.
Mental Illnesses.

Class Ten | 9th December 2022

Creation of an Inner Child.
How does it Survive?
The Wounded Child in Constellations.
Healing Sentences to the Child.
Split off Parts of the Child.
Fragmentation and Integration.
3 Types of Inner Child Traumas.
Early Trauma Questions.
Demonstration (IC in FC).

Class Eleven | 16th December 2022

Inner Child, Body Work Demo One.
(one hour and fifteen minutes).
Inner Child and Body Work with 
Intergenerational Healing Demo Two.
(one hour and fifteen minutes).

Class Twelve | 23rd December 2022

Money and the Systemic Lens.
Receiving in Systems.
4 Unconscious Themes with Money.
Money and Birth Trauma.
Financial Reality and Ancestral Clock.
Money and the Dead.
Property Loss and Mortgage.
Victim and Perpetrator Dynamics with Money.
Shame and Guilt with Money.
National and International Systemic Issues.

*Pre-requite for this training
Completion of The Systemic Medicine Course Level 1
(Practitioner Certification not required for enrollment).

**4 Guest Lectures on Intergenerational and Systemic Trauma by Trauma Experts 

2 Extra Lectures on Healing Sexual Abuse with Systemic Medicine