What to Expect While Choosing Healing as a Full Time Profession

Most of my students and people who’ve learnt Family Constellation with me, who’ve gone ahead to become exceptionally successful therapists, have also been my clients at some point in their life. Some of them came with a life threatening disease and thought they’d not make it beyond six months, some others came with a dying relationship and their desperate attempts to save it beyond all destruction. Some clients didn’t know why they were here and what made them cry so much at night. While quite a few of them couldn’t let go of things they held onto for so long — be it alcohol, smoking, porn or maybe a toxic relationship. When they began to heal, I told them that they could now also move towards training themselves as healers. To many of them it didn’t make any sense. Why should they become healers? Are they even eligible to work with people?

They said, I am so unhealed, how can I have the energy or the audacity to work with others? Won’t it be too much that I am down in the dumps myself and then I bring upon myself all the pain and the suffering of other people? I had a universal response to each of them. I told them that when we uncover and heal our trauma it opens us up to a field beyond our personal sense of pain and grief. We not only discover this immense ocean of wisdom where we slowly become aware that all healing is within us, as much as all pain was within us — but also, now I can connect to that source of healing anyhow I want. And when I look at the world around me, I can only look at it through the lens of healing. Deep down I know that I can pass on this healing to so many people around me: friends, family, children, colleagues. But maybe I don’t have a way, a technique or a method to make that happen. Or maybe it’s just plain confidence. Trauma wears us out so much and corrodes our inner world to such an extent, that so many of us do not find the strength to begin. We fall back even before we start. And that’s why an external anchor at times is necessary. When we take the sacred responsibility of becoming a healer, we are truly not committing to the people around us, we are instead committing to ourselves. What my experience has taught me is that all healing is self healing. When I show up for others every single day, I show up for myself. It is through them that I see the reflections of my inner world and heal each and every lasting wound. It is in this divine space of service and self awareness, I also find my purpose.

This is exactly the reason why I invite all of you to look within yourself and acknowledge the parts that have been trying to get in touch, to be seen, to be heard, taken care of and healed. My upcoming training program, The Systemic Medicine Course is going to introduce you to this stellar, new world of healing and how you can uncover the roots of your traumas. You will be surprised and fascinated beyond measure to find out that the true roots of your issues are beyond your personal experience. They are somewhere beyond and in the past. They are not even yours, instead you’ve inherited them. This is the course that will show you how you are the culmination of so many peoples’ lives coming together who lived before you — your ancestors. Most of all, this course will empower you to commit to healing. Not only your own healing, but the healing of people around you. That is the reason it is called Systemic Medicine. We do not exist as individual, isolated islands of feelings and thoughts. Just like our traumas come from the system, our healing also transcends and percolates to the system, our families.

The Systemic Medicine Course: Trauma Healing with Family Constellation is the fruit of all my work for over a decade. I bring it to you, simply because I so want you to experience the miracle of ancestral healing and intergenerational trauma work. I believe it can be life changing for you, as it was for me. It can not only show you the traumas you carry from your lineage, but can also be your one stop solution to put a rest to all those traumas being passed to your children. This course coming up on the 4th of February 2022 could make all of these transformations possible for you. And I urge you to come and join me in this magical journey.

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I am so excited for this course and so look forward to seeing each one of you. If you happen to have any query please feel free to reach out to my team at +91 93157 99766

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Deepest Gratitude and Love,

Dr. Gaurav

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