Why This Training?

Have you ever wondered if your experiences, traumas, or issues are truly yours? Do they really belong to you? There is a lot of research and case studies that indicate that we carry the traumas, experiences, diseases, and inner conflicts of our parents and our forefathers.

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The study of epigenetics reflects how the behaviors and environment can impact how an individual responds to a particular environment. The physical and emotional environment of the Parents, Grandparents, and generations before them can affect the genetic expression of the child born in the present. This means the child could be unconsciously repeating certain traumatic experiences that happened in the family or following the fate of someone else who had a difficult life. 

For example, when a woman feels a sudden and unexplained pang of unidentified loneliness at the age of 32, it was so revealed that her grandmother had lost her husband to the war when she was 32. This is ancestral clock at work.

In the same way, a son may feel his mother’s anger, a grandson may sense his late grandfather’s coldness, and much more. 

Just like traits and features, emotions and feelings which went unexpressed in a body system of an individual, travels down to the following generations, until somebody down the line is ready to feel and express it completely.

However, Unlike genetic changes, Epigenetic changes are reversible!

This training is an impactful tool, which will help you to unlock the story behind the symptoms and resolve them by bringing lasting change to your genetic expression.

In this training, you will:


  1. Learn how to identify your true self and follow the path which is truly yours.

  2. Learn how trauma follows us from generation to generation and there is a way to decode it.

  3. Learn that most of who we are and what we manifest in life are the result of the burdens, life experiences, and heavy fate of our parents.

  4. Learn that there are certain ways by which we inherit Family Trauma and there are specific methods to discover, simplify and understand these ways. 

  5. Learn that the roots of your illnesses, relationship conflicts, money situations are all present in the stories of your forefathers and ancestors.

  6. Learn step-by-step guided methodology to draw out your own or your client’s family tree and show them all the traumas in a pictorial form that they are carrying.

  7. Learn how your bodies carry the family traumas in the form of chronic disease, fear, anxiety, even psychosis. And how you can release them using imageries.

  8. Learn Breath Work & Body-Awareness based practices in the context of Family Constellation on how to release Inherited Family Trauma and Attachment Wounds using breath, awareness, and images.

  9. Learn more than 30+ self-help tools to help yourself or your clients to decode their family traumas, set up detailed constellations, and release heavy burdens, issues, and blocks.

  10. Learn how energy works in Family Constellation, and generations of ancestral trauma can be resolved simply by the energetic release that happens within a family constellation.

  11. Learn how to perform one-on-one family constellations along with group-based techniques of conducting healing sessions.

  12. Learn how to combine regression therapy-based mindfulness techniques with the art of family constellation for healing generations of ancestral trauma.

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